Monday, 10 December 2007

The week ahead

Bit of a mixed week to come. Work today and out for a department lunch with the gang whose office I used to share, a funeral tomorrow, work again Wednesday and then working in our store in Huntingdon Thursday and Friday - warehouse detail again.

Everyone else in the world seems to be in the process of 'getting ready' for Christmas. I am not really sure what this means because it will take me abut 30 mins to put my tree up next weekend. My house is always tidy and in order and my two spare rooms are always in good shape. Not sure what else one needs to be getting ready with, maybe it will occur to me in the week. I will do my Christmas shopping in one hit on an evening to be decided. I am working on Christmas Eve and once that is done, I will just come home and that's it, I'm ready!

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