Friday, 3 October 2008

Rosti Schmosti

Today in the continuing theme of the week, I am going to try cooking something new. On every cooking programme I seem to watch (and there aren't many) someone or other chucks out a potato rosti. Some people like them, some people are a bit sniffy about them. I like food that divides people because it implies that it is interesting. Not sure what I will have with it, but I'll give it a go.

Jonathan Sachs is on Radio 4 as I type and he is his usual intelligent and listenable self. He's the UK's Chief Rabbi and is talking about atonement.

Also as I write the three little kids next door are their usual noisy selves. They switch on at 6 and shout constantly until 8. Great laugh. I get toy planes, cars, footballs and all sorts lobbed over my fence during the day (yeah, I give them all back).

Off for a run.


Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

youve been watching The restaurant again...good innit?
great to have a go

BS5 Blogger said...

Yes, I love that show.

You like Miles Davis?

Milestones is my fave of all!

D said...

Sketches of Spain for me -- that's a great, great album.

Indeed I remember those noisy subunits. They were even louder than your volume-11 newspaper reading.

Are you going to have a nice glass of Chablis with yer rosti?

BS5 Blogger said...

I found Sketches of Spain okay but Bitches Brew a bit hard to get my head around.

Yeah, those subunits are noisy little feckers.

You catch Joebama and Ms Palin, dude?

Suburbia said...

That man has a lovely voice, he sounds very kind:)
Hey, those kids are on the same schedule as mine!!

scargosun said...

That looks good but I don't think I've a heard of it. P actually plays with the kids next door. They just got a trampoline. I may be looking at another trip to the ER soon.