Thursday, 2 October 2008


My blog friend Scargosun did this tag when she was a bit bored. My Google Chrome/Firefox is a bit kippered so I am having a go too (while I think about a solution). Just for fun and no obligation to take part, though I'd enjoy your answers in the North East and BS9!

Here's mine..

What are your initials?

What is your favorite thing to wear?
A well made but anonymous suit

Last thing you ate?
Cold lamb with a tomato and onion wine vinegar dressing (wot I made)

Name one thing that scares you:
People I love carking it

I say Shotgun, you say:
Big 4 wheel drive Nissan

Who was the last person in your bed?
Me. Other than that my bro' and his GF when they stayed over and I took the smaller bed in the spare room *dull answer, sorry!*

What were you doing at 7:00am?
Catching the headlines on Radio 4 Today

Last person you hugged?
My brother as he boarded a train for London and a plane back to the far east

Does anyone you know want to date you?
Yes, I think

When was your last encounter with the police?
A bit confused in Bristol some time back when a Policeman asked me if I was okay, I was okay and he was cool about it. The power of Guinness.

Have you ever driven without a license?
Yes, aged 16 and a little go in my Dad's car in the middle of nowehere

The last place you went out to dinner?
A nice pub near my folks' house called The Crown

Do you like your name?

What time of the day is it?
9.16 am

Who/What made you angry today​?
No one so far - anger's kinda strong as a repsonse

Baseball or Football?
Football (as in proper football)

Do you want anyone?
Of course

Do you like birds?
Tall ones and moor hens (coots)

Favorite holiday?
Any! But Ireland is always tops

Do you download music​?

Do you care if your socks are dirty​?
No, nor am I bothered about accurate pairing

Opinion of Chinese symbol tattoos?
Pointless to me but if it floats your boat, then go for it

What are you doing tonight?
Are you South African?

Do you like to cuddle?

Do you love anyone?

Whose bed did you sleep in last night​?​​
My own

Have you ever bungee jumped?
No, I would get it wrong.

Have you ever gone whitewater rafting?

Has anyone ten years older than you ever hit on you?

How many pets do you have?

Have you met a real redneck?
I have met several Americans. Does that count?

How is the weather right now?
Sunny and slightly chilled

What are you listening to right now?
LCD SoundSystem, Sound of Silver Track 6

What is your current favorite song?
Mylo - In My Arms

What was the last movie you watched?
One of the Bourne movies, maybe

Do you wear contacts?

Where was the last place you went besides your house​?
A run round the local playing field an hour ago

What are you wearing?
Dressing Gown

What's one thing you've learned this year?
All about short selling and how it fucks things up

What do you usually order from Starbucks?
Coffee with no complications

Ever had someone sing to you?

Have you ever fired a gun:
A webley air pistol ages back

Are you missing someone?
Yeah, a little

Favorite TV show?
The Restaurant at the moment (and 'Ze Chaaaaalonj' the night after!)

What do you have an obsession with?

Has anyone ever said you looked like a celeb?

Who ??
Loads of people cite a likeness to a weatherman on the local station here

Who would you like to see right now?
Khaless (ha ha)

Ever had a near death experience?
I have been to Birmingham

Are you afraid of falling in love?

Have you ever been caught doing​ something you weren't supposed to?
Of course!

Has anyone you were really close to passed away recently?

Our Lady Peace or Nickelback​?
No idea what this means

What's something that really bugs you?
Poor manners and inconsideration

Do you like Michael Jackson?
Take or leave him

Taco Bell or Burger King?
BK - never been to a Taco bell

Next time you will kiss someone?
Not sure!

Favorite baseball team?
The Bluejay Redsox from New Toronto?

Ever call a 1-900 phone number​?
No, what is it?

Nipple or Nose rings?
Neither does it for me...

What's the longest time you've gone without sleep​?​​​​​
24 or so

Last time you went bowling?
Years back

Where is the weirdest place you have slept​?

Who was your last phone call?
Gigi in Galway

What does your last received text message say?
Morrisey is singing John Lennon's Imagine for the re-make of Fight Club. In your house! (A line from a pal taking the mick about people, tunes and movies that I think are over rated and arse!)

What's the closest orange object to you?
The 'Publish Post' button here on my Blog compose page


Anonymous said...

Dressing Gown?....

Ah, the idle life of the gainfully unemployed...

BS5 Blogger said...

Thanks! Nicer than sweaty fleece and running shorts though - a nice idle bath afterwards, hence the dressing gown.

Suburbia said...

I loved reading this! It made me laugh so much. The near death one is classic!

BS5 Blogger said...

Cool! Your turn though!

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

Ol..very interestink! I maybe will do this...but always worried too much info gets out there, which is why I deleted the 100 things about me..though I enjoy was too revealing, int erms of security I mean, not in a my life, my secrets kinda way!

I'm only home for a while, must cook the kids something then l;m off out for bite and a authors book evein at the museum..back later..if l have trouble sleeping l may indeed to this..

ps. i thought a shotgun was a gun not a car? shogun? wot do l know?!

BS5 Blogger said...

Hello! Well, nothing too secret in mine and you could always answer with an eye to caution too, and still make it fun. Shogun/Shotgun was my weak attempt at a gag!

Have a good evening!

scargosun said...

Hmmmm. I might have to call you on that Redneck comment.
All in all a very good list.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Laughed all the way through! SO funny!

I am visiting from Suburbia's page. She recommended this meme, and as it's been a while since I did one, I think I will indulge.


um... what was that poke about redneck Amercians?


Scarlett & Viaggiatore (the Shameless Lion)

BS5 Blogger said...

Scargosun; you got me! :) x