Wednesday, 29 October 2008

BS5's Friday night chat show.

So Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross have been suspended from broadcasting whilst an investigation looks into their lewd antics in a recent Radio 2 Broadcast. The Director General of the BBC just called me to ask if I could host Mr Ross' chat show on Friday night with a free hand to invite my own guests. Here's the line up for Friday night if you want to tune in:

Interviews with:

Mr Data
Winston Churchill
President Josiah Bartlett
Erin O'Connor

Music from: The Cantina Band (all the way from mos Eisley)

Tune in!


Anonymous said...

What?... no guest appearances from Walshers & Bag for some top lager-fueled social hand grenade action?...

I have been following this story with some interest - expect a fairly pointy opinion to be voiced soon.

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Bag! I would have invited you clowns on but thought you might not like the hike all the way to London in Friday M6 traffic. Also, given the sensitive nature of the show post the Ross/Brand incident, I think Walshy declaring anyone we spoke about 'a bit of a cunt' on live TV might not be the way forward?

scargosun said...

I actually was on a morning radio show once. I have it taped and will be happy to answer pointers.

BS5 Blogger said...

Deal! See you Friday in London?