Saturday, 4 October 2008

Pic 'n Mix....fifty six

Last night was Bingo calling night - a new line in my CV, perhaps.

Our usual Bingo caller was out for dinner and asked me if I would step in. Heck, why not? Drama from the off as the key got stuck in the door so I turned the corner to find an assembly of panicked folk. I nipped over the road to the local garage and borrowed their WD40 and we were in shortly after.

This is the Enigma machine used for Bingo calls. I had intended to print out all the numbers with their calls, such as 77 Sunset Strip but this didn't happen, so I kinda' made them up which was a decidedly risky tactic as the Bingo ladies are quite fierce about protocol, especially with a young whipper-snapper on the go.

We played six games with yours truly calling away, making it up and generally being silly, and whaddayaknow, they loved it and asked if I would call every other time and share the duty with the regular caller.

After Bingo it was a well deserved pint at The Rhubarb and a few tunes on the Karaoke (sang Wondwerwall and various others).

A classy night altogether here in Bravo Sierra Fiver.


Suburbia said...

Karaoke and bingo all in one night?!!

scargosun said...

You sang Wonderwall? IS there video of this?

BS5 Blogger said...

Alas there is no video, Scargosun! I could suggest you simply look at Oasis on You Tube because my rendition was almost perfect....but that's not really true!