Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Decorations and light bulbs

I have had a top-smart day today, shopping and having lunch with my Mum and Dad.

They were in Bristol (which is about an hour from their house) choosing Christmas cards in John Lewis, the main department store in a shopping centre just outside the city.

I met them mid-choice in the cards dep't with my Dad offering such incisive opinion as 'that's very nice, dear'. He said that to each choice. Anyhow, cards chosen and we had a wander about (I looked at TVs and brunettes). Christmas is in full swing and it looks great with strings of decorations 100 feet high reaching from the top to the bottom of the store through the escalator bays! Pictured here but they look cooler than this.

I made an exciting, thrifty and environmentally sound purchase. 100 watt energy efficient light bulbs, guaranteed for ten years, normally about 4 pounds a go, retailing for 39p! (That's 67 cents in America). I have bought three (big spender) and will swap them out later and Blog about the change (should be a fascinating read).

As I type, the woman next door is surpassing her own record for shouting and making the kids cry. Not pleasant and much door banging taking place.

The only negative part of the day with Ma and Pa was over lunch when an attractive woman came into the pub where we had lunch. Even to me (a total drugs novice) it was obvious she was smacked off her tits, and flying high and fast on heroin. She was chatty enough but had that smacked up arrogant swagger that can so quickly snap into a fierce, vulnerable rage that lashes out and knows no bounds. Ugly situation but it didn't get out of hand and she moved on when her lunchtime vodka arrived. I did not take a picture of her.


walsharoo... said...

Energy Saving light bulbs fucking shite, they tale ages to come on, which is rubbish if you need instant light (kind of why we use lightbulbs).

BS5 Blogger said...

Yeah, there is that, but life doesn't always, always have to be instantaneous, and I reckon it's worth the 30 seconds it takes.

And I thought you'd be commenting on the ho' smacked off her face!

Suburbia said...

I agree with Walshy, they have a very harsh light when they do come on too. But Hey, you are saving the planet so who cares!

Love your post tonight and can imagine your dads comments on the xmas card front;)

Which pub did you go to? (always so nosey!)


Brunettes and TV's?!!

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Sub, outta Cribbs, along to W on Trym and through (leafy) BS9! Went to the Avon Gorge Hotel in Clifton, wherein had the 'off her tits on coke' woman gone off, I would have had zero hesitation in using that nuclear word (for women) to persuade her to move on. She was an unpleasant woman.

Brunettes and TVs? Seems a fair balance of looking at to me...

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


First, I should know better than to drink tea over my keyboard or in front of my monitor while reading here.

Pardon me, do you have a towel?

Second... Christmas? WHAT time zone are you in? Sheesh!!

Shame about the lunch lady.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore