Thursday, 23 October 2008

8 legs of chaos!

Later today eight legs of chaos are coming to stay here in BS5 accompanied by their owners, Greg and Nicola (my brother and not-technically-but-always-considered-to-be sister in law).

This little whirlwind of canine capers comes in the shape of Toby (brown) and Quaddie (black). The whole gang are on their way to a week's cottage holiday in Cornwall where the two dogs will see the sea for the first time. Once in, I reckon they will love it and lark about joyously.

Here on the home front Greg has warned me to dog proof my house which means I have to remove basically anything from floor level, coffee table level, or just within reach of an inquisitive nose. Their tails wag constantly so I need to take a good look at what might be knocked over.

Double click the picture - it's quite a good effort!

Should be fun!

Update: Bugger! Yep, I'm a simpleton - the gang are here a week today, not today! And I am in Ireland next week, so some logistical juggling follows.


Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

they wont keep the black lab out of the sea...ours smell water at 200 paces!!

lovely pic

BS5 Blogger said...

How perceptive! The black lab' loves the water, the brown one just likes stick, logs and trees; the bigger the better!

scargosun said...

SOOOOOOOO sweet! They will have so much fun! I bet they will like the beach too. ;0