Saturday, 11 October 2008

Afterburner kicks in!

I have flattened my PC and reinstalled XP so previous virus issues are now sorted! This is cool and my machine is lean and fast once again, and I am using Google Chrome again as my search engine.

I'd like to say I did this all by myself in a top hacker stylee but in all honesty I need stabilisers and arm bands when it comes to my computer. Luckily my pal Walshy sorted me out and gave me some direction!

It's a thought provoking exercise when you have to take off all the files you want to save before wiping it all out; I saved very few, namely my CV, a couple of articles I wrote over the last three or four years (about friends), a picture of a Galway girl and a couple of snaps from my diggie camera.


Sarah Mae said...

So, I have a questions (and I hope it's not really dumb). What is a BS5 perspective?

BS5 Blogger said...

Hello! Not a daft question at all 'BS5' is my post code area or what you would call a Zip Code, I think?

Suburbia said...

If you need arm bands and stabilisers then I need a life jacket!!