Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The New York Times and shouting.

I live next to noisy, unruly kids! Heck, I'm on a good street and families are a cool thing but today, after about three months of constant noise at getting up time, and again at home-from-school time, I became ratty. I am a relaxed sort of a chap, indeed often to the point where it might be hard to detect a pulse sometimes, but today I was ratty about it and it tested my neighbourliness and stretched my default stance of life conducted in a DCF.

At 'home time' when I was just chillin' with a coffee and the New York Times (paper copy, and a total treat, always enjoyed and earnestly anticipated), I became irate. It's not the noisiness that I mind because kids being noisy is cool; it's the parental interpretation of care and growth through employment of the words FUCK, JESUS, and C**T that depresses me. What's that about? And shouted so seemingly unlovingly?

Not my call to do anything about it but I was a ratty mofo' tonight.

When I land a job and leave for work at 7 and come home again at 7, none of this will be of consequence so a complaint feels churlish yet here it is.


Suburbia said...

That's definatly not like you to get irate or moan about anything at all so it must have been bad. If I get the gist right it wasn't the children but the parents shouting that was the source of your problem. Poor kids. I can't bear it when I hear littleones swearing. How will they ever learn the right words to express themselves when that is all their parents can muster? Sorry almost ranting here.

However I love the image of you with feet up, coffee and the New York Times! You know how to relax!!!

BS5 Blogger said...

Hello - yeah, you are bang on about what made it an irritating and depressing prospect!

I will enjoy the NYT today instead.

A sunny disposition is restored to BS5 today.

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

I understand the crack with home time, a brew of fresh caffiene and a US publication, though mine is usually, US glossy which my dear one has brought me back fro Borders in Manc.
I think yu underestimate and are being generous with the use of terms such as churlish and unneighbourly...I am very impressed that you didnt bang back at them, knock on their door or blow a sound measured and fair to me...and letting off steam here is the healthy thing to do...going around there may be VERY unhealthy!! what is Bristol coming too? the south gone mad?

have a good day..

BS5 Blogger said...

FFF - what a thoughtful comment, thank you!

Borders is a terrific retail outfit, don't you think? They do good things with wood, lighting, merchandising and colour schemes!

Yours etc,

Measured & Fair of the South

scargosun said...

Words like that infront of children?! They are the bad ones not you. Maybe don't let them use your bin till they become humans.

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Scargosun, I was hoping you would comment on this one and you didn't disappoint in your commons sense.

That's a good idea about the bin!

Do you ever read or enjoy the New York Times, by the way!