Monday, 27 October 2008

Piano moves.

I had such a fun time moving a piano down the street in the dark!

I was helping my friend and neighbour David who I see a couple of times a week as I am running, or as he cycles past about his business. Our Piano move turned out to be quite neighbourly. First of all we moved the piano from my favourite house on the street, Lincoln Villas which is just a few houses down and between the house where I live now and the flat I used to share with Seamus.

It was a bit 'to you, to me' really but it was fun. I met a chap from the Ivory Coast who was helping David out too. We wheeled the beast out and down the street where we met another pal of both of ours, Alex. There was a quick tune on the piano in the street which was surreal, then we had to park up to let a car past.

The piano finally made its way to its destination house where David's (very attractive) wife Ann opened some bottles of beer.

I like my street, it is neighbourly, community spirited and fine.

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