Sunday, 21 October 2007

World cup final - heads held high!

Well, you know what? I think we did okay in the rugby! Heads held high and a great performance. No one expected us to be there and we had the Aussies and the French along the way; yeah one could go on about was it or wasn't it a try but it was disallowed and that's that! By no means was it a pasting and it was good hard sport! The result cost me 20 pounds and two bottles of champagne but hey ho!

What a great night in the Rhubarb watching it all. More excitement today with Lewis Hamilton from 4pm!

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D'ang said...

Now that reminds me of that top time we three had in the Smoke seeing the Rose Bowl final. Splendid stuff, even though I didn't got a scooby beyond you gotta lob the ball over Mr. Aitchy. Wish I'd been there for this match even if only on telly.