Sunday, 28 October 2007

Luke 2: 29-32 (again)

Went to see the Big Man today - He was in BS5! I have not gone to Church in my own locale before, normally being a grazing sort of a fella, looking in to a Church where it has been possible on store visits all over the UK these last 5 years, or on occasions when I am in the middle of Bristol on a day off. Anyhow, into St Luke's today which is near my house and is pictured here.

I was quite nervous because I don't normally do the congregational thing, but just like circuits at the Barton Hill boxing club, the welcome at St Luke's , Barton Hill was kind and genuine and warming. I even got a shout from Debbie (the Reverend) welcoming me along as a first timer - how kind of her!

It was Communion day today - all unfamiliar to me but still hitting the spot and I will go back next week for the family service. Thoroughly enjoyable and I am glad to have gone.

I wonder if God will now mind that I am off for a pint? I think he will be okay about it - he knows the score, and he knows I went for a run before 8am.

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