Thursday, 18 October 2007

A-list Celeb' action in Shropshire

Hi all,

Work was a piece of piss day today! Drove the gayest car on the street up the M32, M4, M5, M6 and M54 to our Garden Centre in Shropshire. It was started by none other than Percy Thrower, the pipe smoking thoroughly middle-class gardener from Blue Peter but he wasn't there what with having thrown a 7 awhile back. Anyhow, big Perc's daughters still run the place having sold it to the company I work for in 2000.

So it was an easy day filling up stock and just generally working around the 9 or so customers who pitched up with an average age of 117. I was lobbing out Christmas stock so I am covered in glitter- great laugh, I have sparkly bollocks.

It was a bit sharp driving past the junction for Hagley/Stourbridge simply because I had enjoyed such a terrif' time last time I was there, and I had been in such beautiful company but hey-ho and happy memories. Oh, but that was some morning cup of tea in Hagley! ( x to you)

Back home now for an evening of maximum idle! Zane Lowe on the radio, some cooking, some wine and a good bit of chillin'.

Friday tomorrow - smart!

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