Wednesday, 17 October 2007

BS5ers help the Prime Minister

I had a dream last night that my brother's good freind Carl Leaver who works in the senior echelons of Marks and Sparks became Prime Minister (this is not unlikely, he's a jolly clever chap). My good friend and ex BS5er, Walshy and I were drafted in as his special comms team because we were all bunkered down at Prestwood, near High Wycombe where my brother Greg lives, and indeed close to Carl.

Walshy and I were on Comms and Greg was 'Alastair Campbell' to Carl. We were in a crisis management mode that had to do with toxins. Carl just cut through all the noise and the rest of us made it happen!

I think this must all be to do with watching Spooks last night (there was a new series) because last time I watched it on DVD I had a dream that Walshy and I were drafted in the Met' Armed Response wing, SO19. I was nominally in charge but Walshy was Driver and Weapons Officer - I was there for the expertise in psychological analysis - anyhow, we tore around London with shooters.

On a separate note, congrats to former BS5er, Guy 'Bag' Brookes who has become engaged to his girfriend Kat.

Bag and Walshy are both former BS5ers now resident in Lancashire.

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