Tuesday, 30 October 2007


The boy Heston is on Peking Duck tonight. That should be good.

I have turned into a right old domestic couch potato; having watched about one evening of TV every month all year, I now enjoy a weekly TV splurge on a Tuesday with Heston Blumenthal and then Spooks at 9. It'll be Coronation-Enders next and I'll be buying TV-Chav magazine.

Decent day at work today though I start my new role on Thursday secure only in the knowledge of a desk; no phone, no PC, no chair. What an organisation!

40 minutes in JS tonight doing a big shop and I picked the basket spend to within a pound. This is either Jedi like in my retail skills or means I really need to get out more. Not really the sort of skill to publish, I suppose.

Dr Anthony Clare threw a 7 today - that's a shame, he was a fantastic Radio 4 dude and presented In the Psychiatrist's Chair. I hope he is waved in at the Gates this evening without incident.

Tonight's picture for the blog is one I took myself - that's my Dad and my brother Greg. And a duck (name unknown) . We were all on the Kennett and Avon canal in July.

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