Tuesday, 16 October 2007

A new Banksy and a bit of politics.


There's a new Banksy here in Bristol - maybe.

I wish I could say to you that he's a regular reader of BlogBS5, or that I knew him but neither thing is true. Anyhow - it's not a bad image at all what with all the news at the mo' about that poor Brazilian fella getting shot on the tube.

The news today has the fact that he (JCDM, not Banksy) had traces of cocaine in his wee. The dude's South American - par for the course, no? And anyway, WTF does that have to do with the price of fish? The poor sod still got shot. Lots.

Having said that, I think one has to sympathise with the coppers too, I mean they just did their job and got into the carriage, with the certain thought as far as they believed it, and as far as their intel' was leading them, that this man might take himself and them all out - and still they went in; that deserves respect and maybe one should look at their handlers with more scrutiny.

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