Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Wednesday Morning

Into work a bit later today and leaving at 7.30 so I can give my mate Steve (a fellow BS5er ) a lift to work. This will ensure a few minutes of fast, daft chat and a catch up.

It's Cake Wednesday at work; this is the legacy (pleasant in this case) of working in an office full of lasses. Each Wednesday someone makes cake. I took my medicine early and kicked off in week 1 making cornflake cakes, and now I have a pleasant Wednesday stream of other people's efforts. No desk, no phone, no permanent home but regular cake. That'll do.

England Russia tonight and the final of that Restaurant programme I have recently come to enjoy - Raymond Blanc seems a top chap.

I think I will post from work later in the day.


Fekla said...

Greetings o Kahkeless! The blog of a warrior. RooooaaaaarrrrrrrRRRr!

BS5 Blogger said...


Thanks for your comment back. Stare into the Blog and you may well see him.