Monday, 29 October 2007

Circuits in a phone.

Circuits was great tonight! I put some real effort in and had a good warm up and then worked hard. I'm a bit of a spanner when it comes to squats but I got it on the money tonight, and I did a good flat minute on the plank too. Top stuff. Spence came along (see the first Heston Blumenthal post) and had a good session too - cool to have a mate as circuits partner tonight.

Last week after both sessions I was good and drank only water but tonight I came home and had healthy food (tuna) but also two in the house beers! As everyone knows, beers in the house don't count.

My interest in the Nokia N-95 has been rekindled having seen the Gadget Show just now.

Not much else going on on the Hill tonight and the copper chopper isn't up - rather unusual.

That's Monday!

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