Monday, 22 October 2007


A full on Monday for BS5 tonight! I went circuit training for an hour at the Barton Hill boxing club, ably managed by Tom Foley who organises a lot of nights there for young fellas in BS5 on Tuesday and Thursdays (boxing) and slightly older fellas on Monday and Wednesdays (circuits).

I have not done anything remotely exercised based for ages so I was somewhat trepidatious. The welcome could not have been nicer; no pressure from the Instructor (professional) to go at anything other than one's own pace, but once he sensed the level of the room he pushed it accordingly and I gave it the full-on effort for an hour with plenty of laps of the club, squats, press ups, stuff with the medicine ball and 'the bench'. I was the youngest there by about 5 years and the oldest fella (Brian) is 83 and does plenty of walking and stretching! I had a good hour and did not slack.

Very pleasantly worn out, very openly welcomed in and going to go again on Thursday and make it a twice a week thing for the darker evenings.

Home for a healthy tuna dinner and a bit of recovery time on the sofa. Not a bad day!

May squeeze in a little bit of TV now but the option of a wallow in the bath and early night is a bit of a tempter!

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