Monday, 22 October 2007


Now this might be controversial but I don't think McLaren and Lewis H should appeal a Fuel Temp' decision for the two teams ahead of him on Sunday. If they were disqualified he would be elevated to 4th place and would attain the World Championship.
I think they should walk away with 2nd place at 22 years old in a rookie year for a great driver, and take their dignity with them. The lad can do it next year!

In other news, I walked into a door somewhat shorter than my six foot four self - much bleeding!

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Anonymous said...

What was the bleeding about?

PS this is what I came up for tag... whatcha think?

The idea was inspired by me and hatched by BS5 (thanks!).

Here's the game...
I will comment on one of my blogging friends (blends) blog on their first post EVER of their blog. That person is now 'It'.
If you are 'It' you will have to tag someone else on their first ever post of their blog.
You can tag anyone, even if they've already been tagged. However, you cannot tag anyone who has left you a comment on that day. It's the "safe" or "home base".
After you tag someone comment on your first post as a reply with who you tagged.
So if you don't want to be 'It' start commenting. And if you're 'It'... get up early!

PSS... check this out