Friday, 26 September 2008

Storm in a shaving cup...

Well, I had been planning on letting my beard grow for a bit longer but here I am seven days in with a respectable enough performance and it is itchier than sand in your shoes after a day on the beach.

I am going to have a decent shave and stroll back towards respectability. Enough of looking like a vagrant; Lord knows I am close enough to that status without advertising it via a scruffy lack of shaving.

I would have written this post early on this morning but I was called upon to storm a plane in Cologne, Germany; you might read about that later. We made it quick, ruthless and efficient but I was a bit of a spaz with the door and got slightly shouted at for a sub 4 second reaction time. I think my itchy beard distracted me.

STIll no news form J.Sainsbury even though they said I would hear about my interview this week, one way or the other.

Sunny and nearly hot in BS5 today which is odd for the end of September.


scargosun said...

We are getting hit with a fall Nor'easter here. We saw no pics of facial hair this week so how do we know you were growing a beard? Hmmm? Remember my pics of P from this summer and the beard growing contest?

Suburbia said...

Damn Sainsburys! Hope you hear very soon. There's always tomorrow :)

ps can't imagine you with a beard!

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi both! Next time I take a week without shaving, I will post a picture!

Scargosun, did you hear the Presidential debate? I was asleep and only caught the analysis afterwards (and hey, yes I remember your P post about beards!)