Monday, 1 September 2008

It's September.


September has started as sunnily as you like! (This is not a snap of BS5, tho'!)

Out for a run this morning and le soleil brille as I think the French have it.

Oh - definitely not an image of BS5 as I can't seem to make a connection to upload a pic', but can post text.


scargosun said...

I thought briefly about running this morning but over here in the states its going to be a rather warm day (90F) so I just took G-dog for a walk.

BS5 Blogger said...


90 degrees and nice or 90 and muggy? Do you get any hurricanes in your part of America, by the way, or is it strictly a coastal thing?

Suburbia said...

It didn't stay sunny though did it?!!
Hope all is well with you and that I haven't missed too much!

Suburbia said...

Your posting routine is almost as bad as mine at the moment! Whats up? :)