Monday, 29 September 2008

Lamb as it cooks!

Well folks we are 23 minutes in and the first stage is complete!

Blog BS5 is following this recipe for the first attempt at Roast Lamb. I am following it but only scantly, which I know will make my friend Bag get a bit pointy.

Only one call to Blog BS5's Mum so far but that was for technical advice on courgettes fried in olive oil with a little garlic; kick that off 20 minutes before service was the advice, then they will be done nicely.

So, as per the recipe, I made a nice little rosemary and garlic and olive oil baste but I finely chopped a chilli too (minus seeds). Basted the lamb then put it in for 20 mins at 230. Also par boiled potatoes for those 20 minutes and have now added them to the lamb on a lower heat. The lamb is sat on some garlic cloves and I have quartered some onions and put those in too. There is a touch of red wine too.

Herein a picture at prep' time, and after 20 mins.

It smells FANTASTIC. If Dita VT or Erin O'Connor do happen to call, they will definitely want to stay, because it is looking and smelling good. And the lamb.

I have to get a gravy plan in my head now and get this going for the 12 minutes the lamb rests.

I am quite's roast lamb with broccoli, roasties, courgettes and sweetcorn plus gravy. Served at about 7.10 pm; bring a bottle and you are welcome to dinner!


scargosun said...

If only the Concord still flew I woudl be there in a heartbeat. ;)

BS5 Blogger said...

Why thank you, and you'd be most welcome! It's not as ethically or locally sourced as you would like (and big respect to that ethos) but I am trying to follow your example where I can because I think that's right!

I have just opened a bottle of Roija to go with it. I don't normally favour Rioja because I find it heavy but it's the Rioja, nothing at all (pah! As if!) or the really special bottles I am saving for the right moment/company!

Suburbia said...

Damn it, if only I'd known but sadly I've already eaten!
Hope you enjoy it. And the lamb ;)