Monday, 22 September 2008


So here it is, post 500 on Blog BS5! My Blog is about three weeks short of its first birthday and I certainly thought 365 days would come around before 500 posts, but then I do write a lot of old horse sometimes!

It is a week since I last blogged and loads has been taking place. I have stayed in Buckinghamshire and Herefordshire and I have spent a morning in London interviewing with J Sainsbury. That was my first time in London this year and the first time in many, many visits when I really thought, 'I could not live here!' Did so for five years as a small chap but could not do so now; no one says hello like they do in sunny Bristol!

On one of the days since I last blogged I took this pic' and in fact I parked up and waited in anticipation and excitement to see just what sort of a tractor one would see on meeting a 'Danger Tractor'. Alas it did not come along in the five minutes I waited. Never mind.

I am off now to read the other Blogs I follow in Bristol, the North East and America!


scargosun said...

I LOVE that pic. Too funny. Danger tractor. I imagin it has lots of moving parts all around it like a mechanical monster.

Congrats on your D-th post!

BS5 Blogger said...

Thank you! You can imagine our friend Suburbia's little chap having a Sprogism about a Danger Tractor, huh?

Hey, I am excited about the Presidential debates this Friday!

Suburbia said...

I thought you'd never post!! Congratulations on 5oo, always a pleasure to read. I've missed you these last few days and was tempted to leave you a rude message about getting on with it (blogging) but reisted :)
Brilliant sign.

BS5 Blogger said...

Hello! It was nice to come back to the virtual community that I enjoy so much, and a treat that each of my fave Bloggers had several posts all lined up that I could enjoy in one go!

Fun to be back!