Thursday, 25 September 2008

BS5 goes shopping

Today I visited Cabot Circus, Bristol's new shopping centre in the middle of the city. It only opened today and is anchored by a Harvey Nicks and a fine House of Fraser. It has been under construction for three years, if not more so it was quite cool to see it. I am (a temporarily on the bench) retailer so it was fun to see all the new stuff and the frankly wanky merchandising in the uber trendy clothing and lifestyle retailers. Much seems to be aimed at the pink pound! As it was day 1 you could see Area Managers and head office bods all over the place; the Area Managers stuck out a mile as did their colleagues from various brands' marketing departments, resplendent in a lack of ties, daft specs and ridiculous barnets! Anyhow, I spent 90 minutes looking about and bought a shirt from TM Lewin. It is a fine bit of steel and glass this new centre.

What was much more exciting was the construction I stopped to look at one the way in! Here is a pic of a decent crane (stopped to watch it do its thing) and a very smart concrete pump! I suspect female readers may question the balance of excitement between construction machinery and a massive, smart new shopping centre with killer opening offers.


scargosun said...

We get are a guy who works in retail so you get the retail stuff and you like machinery. Why someone has not snatched you up is totally beyond me (not being scarcastic).

Suburbia said...

I have to say I did wonder why the pic was a crane not Harvy Nics but then I thought....this is the blog of BS5, it has to be cranes!!

Was it very crowded? I'd like to go and have a look but I might wait untilthe newness wears of (boringly!)

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi both...why thank you!

Scargosun: what a kind and delightful thing to say. Thank you.

Sub, it was very busy indeed and I enjoyed it for that as it is always good to see retail at full tilt and see how staff cope, what support they have and how they have been prepped. I enjoyed my visit muchly.

More cranes and curious observations to come, plus a pic' of my fine new shirt, once I have washed and ironed it.

Suburbia said...

Can't wait!!