Monday, 22 September 2008

Mediterreanean Vulcans

During interview prep' for JS last week, I took a long look at their store in Beaconsfield, Bucks. In doing so, I happened upon some marketing/POS for 'feed your family for a fiver'. One such recipe was a sausage and veg' sort of a thing, and tonight I used this as a basis for sausages and roasted Mediterranean veg' in red wine. My brother Greg won't stray from a recipe (at all!!) and gets all anal about flair. He's like Mr Spock and has to have the recipe to the wire, whereas I take it as a foundation and then experiment and see what happens; that said he has more flair than I when everything has been plated up.

This picture is my dish; Sausage with Mediterranean veg' as I put it in the oven tonight. Also pictured is 'bowl and flowers'. The bowl is a favourite possession and the flowers were a steal at four pounds. There were loads! I have carnations all over the house. The bowl has chocs in it - an introductory offer on Roses, or as JS don't want you to consider, that's the supplier fucking with them and off loading early Christmas stock with JS bending over to support a good price. The last tin of Roses purchased here in BS5 lasted December 07 to May 08, so I predict (confidently) that this purchase will run into my 2008 Christmas tin some time in December.

Miles Davis (milestones) on You Tube as I type.

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Suburbia said...

You need a few more female visitors, then your chocs wouldn't last 5 mins!!
I'm starving, even moreso now because your meal looks yummy. I cook like you, mostly because I hate doing as I'm told!! ;)