Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Help, I think I am a Bus!

Top afternoon transport/machinery smartness here in BS5!

The bin lorry just came down the street which is always secretly entertaining for a quick ten seconds of hydraulic noisy action as it lifts the bins up and over (36 going on 10).

Today however, one bin lorry was followed by a second and then a third! Maybe they thought they were buses as they always come in threes.

The crews were loud and noisy and larking about, and it was quite a caper. The third bin wagon caned it down the street (which is narrow) but seemed to pose no danger to VX52 and his colleagues parked on the road.

Somewhat dangerously I took a picture - the sort of people who normally photograph bin lorries probably only do so on day release from institutions.

You may have to click on the pic' to enlarge and confirm a bin lorry hat trick.

No complaints here about slack collections in BS5!

Oh dear.

(D', I *know* you would have found this smart so don't be at me on the comments, bro'!)


scargosun said...

Looks like they thought it was bulk day. One day a month my Mom's bin removal company allows you to put extra large things out. Of course that means extra trucks.

scargosun said...

BTW - Thank you for your lovely comment about the big dinner. :)

BS5 Blogger said...

You are welcome!

In neighbourly decency, I look out for the big family next door. My bin is rarely full. We get recycling each week but the bin only every other week, so my neighbour's is always full and mine is rarely a quarter so, so we share space. If the bin is pushing the lid open, they won't take it sometimes, then you have another 2 weeks to wait!

Extra trucks at your Mom's - you always have a matching story for my more crazy posts, like this one and light bulb changing! :)

Suburbia said...

Small Sprog used to wave to the bin men every Friday morning. They used to wave back too!! Perhaps you could try it?!

BS5 Blogger said...

I already said 'Cheers!' to the chap who sorted out my bin, and I gave him the thumbs up too. I will wave in a fortnight.

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

definitely a boys toys post!!LOL

thanks for dropping by...l have responded to your question!!

BS5 Blogger said...

Coming round to have a look! :)