Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Pencil and paper required...

I took this quiz that I read about in 'The Independent' on Monday. It doesn't matter if you are a chap or a woman; apparently it scores your 'gender typical' rating. I got a healthy 6!

Here it is copied and pasted in..I had to mess about lots with formatting for this, so take the test!

Note: Car chases, guns, spaceships, and James Bond do not feature. It seems biased towards a woman taking the quiz not a man (there's a clue in that somehow).

Here goes...WTF is Q 16 about, and what's with Q 18 anyhow?

Even if we use oversimplified categories from popular science, are you more a Man from Venus or less a Woman from Mars? Tick either A or B to indicate which of the following most closely reflects your preference:

A. Sex and the City

B. Top Gear

A. Football

B. Tennis

A. History documentary

B. Human interest documentary

A. Colour supplement

B. Foreign news section

A. Go shopping

B. Wash your car

A. Camping

B. Spa


B. Get a professional in

A. Jane Austen

B. H Rider Haggard

A. Handkerchief

B. Packet of tissues

A. Chapped lips

B. Chapstick

A. Bath

B. Shower

A. Lager

B. Gin and tonic

A. I can spend hours shopping

B. I like to get in and out with a minimum of fuss

A. I need to find the exact right pattern and colour for my curtains

B. I prefer blinds

A. I like to cuddle after morning sex

B. I like to jump straight in the shower

A. I worry about getting my hair wet

B. I wear a hat

A. It takes me about five minutes to get ready in the morning

B. It takes me 45 minutes to get ready in the morning

A. I can find my keys in in less than five seconds

B. I have to hunt around to find my keys


A. I moisturise my whole body

B. I moisturise my face

A. If I found a dead mouse in my kitchen I'd dispose of it myself

B. I'd ask someone else to get rid of it

Scores: (I'm afraid you have to follow the link in bold to a scores page)


0-6 Men: You are a man's man, and not especially in touch with your feminine side. Be careful you don't slip into pitfalls like insensitivity and poor communication.

Women: You are in touch with your inner animus – you defy gender stereotypes and plough your own furrow. This does not necessarily mean you're a tomboy or a ladette, just a girl who dares to be different.

7-14 Men and women: You're in the middle ground of the gender spectrum so you can appreciate both masculine and feminine pursuits without getting hung up on what seems gender "appropriate" or whether your sexuality is being impugned.

15-20 Men: You're in touch with your femininity, but this should not be confused with being camp or girly. Appreciating feminine virtues can help you to empathise with the opposite sex – a very attractive quality.

Women: You appear to be made of sugar and spice and all things nice, but beware of "doll's house" syndrome.


Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

LOL...well if those arent obvious mars and venus options l dont know what are!!

thanks for dropping by my ABC post...and for the bon sai explanation, l love to learn new stuff...

BS5 Blogger said...

Me too, hence this particular post, which actually seemed faintly obvious. I must say I do like shopping though; just the retailer in me, I guess.

That's still a cool Bonsai tree!

Suburbia said...

I have to say I failed when I realised I had to add up my scores! I think I may be a bit thick tonight, but 1. was A or B and the others had numbers?! I'm sure it was easy really but I couldn't concentrate for long enough!
The answers seemed pretty obvious though!

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Sub. Each Q scored 1 or 0 depending on what option you picked and as our mutual friend FFF said (as you did too) you could see where it was going anyhow. There was no question about the bog seat being up or down though. I can't see the fuss on that dilemma myself.