Wednesday, 3 September 2008


This morning I have downloaded a Beta of 'Google Chrome' which is a multi window browser that loads up a small screen for each of your most frequent web visits. It is a Beta so it might be wobbly but it looks smart!

I am also off on the train for a windy seaside trip to Weston Super Mare with the women from church - I wonder if any of them has Chrome as their Beta search engine?

Try it here if you like.

Weston report to follow later, plus burned down Pier pics.


Suburbia said...

So sad about the pier. Looking forward to pics!

BS5 Blogger said...

They will be posted soon! Had a top day, walked for miles, and had fish and chips for lunch!

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

l downloaded that too onwednesday and its okay, does everyhtingIE7, safari, modzilla, google does all in ne place and faster too..for now..

BS5 Blogger said...

Yep, it has promise, doesn't it?

Hey, I liked Sub's post about TG going off to big school; liked your response too.