Monday, 29 September 2008

Sell you a bridge?

Lamb great and cooked beautifully; as my Blog friend Scargosun said earlier on, get over the fear of cooking it and it will become a regular favourite. Spot on indeed and it was delicious. I concentrated and delivered; shame it was just me at the dinner table, but hey, next time.

As I ate that dinner the US Economy did not cook nearly as well and lost collosall billions in the few minutes I was eating. Amazing to watch it live!

America: look out of your back yard a bit more, get a Passport, learn some Geography and maybe the rest of the planet will give you a bit more time. And vote Democrat for once! Listen to Obama, he's got a bridge to sell you (great line about an hour ago!) This pic' is Obama delivering that line...


scargosun said...

Love you lots BS5! I try and try to open minds here but some remain shut. :(

I am very glad the lamb was good.

BS5 Blogger said...

Hands across the ocean, my American friend!

Can you believe what a tense election it must be? 34 days out and such a perfect storm on the economy and the White House race.

Amazing and exciting, so I hope you open a few more minds through October! Go Scargosun and Barack; maybe he'll make you Sec' of State?

Our man Gordon just commented on Wall St closing 733 points down (*huge!*)and he said just nothing at all!

No House of Reps solution until at least *Thursday*. Heady stuff with $700 bn crashing about unsupervised!

Lamb still good..........

Pax Tecum