Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Snoozing in a Bentley.

I have just woken up from a really great sleep, the best in ages, in fact. No early train to catch today and not waking up in someone else's uniform hotel or small B&B. My commute to work is as long as the thirteen steps down to my dining room. Sometimes WFH is very welcome.

Overnight I had a top-smart dream. My brother had won a Bentley for a day in a random draw from using his credit card. He had driven over to me so we could spend the day in it together, larking about or 'taking it for a burn' as we used to say aged about 16. We were just for the off when some loud squawky early seagull woke me up! :(

It was a Bentley like this one.

Off to work now, writing up recent store visits and prepping future ones.


Suburbia said...

Yay for fab dreams! (That seagull has Tourrettes!)

D'ang said...

Frankly I'm more alarmed about the roast lamb.