Sunday, 12 July 2009

Town Square

When I stay away near HQ in Bedfordshire , I choose to stay at a family run B&B some miles from the office. It is a very pleasant establishment and the lady who runs it is from the same small town in Co. Galway, West Ireland as a pal of mine (and knows her mother, indeed) .

Anyway, when I stayed just a few days ago, I aced a very smart room which I will certainly ask for again. It's right on the town square so you can hear Mr Bongy pretty much every hour, and the local chavs going round the twon square as fast as poss' in their Mum's Nissan Micra, but that's not really an issue as the space and the sofa more than comepnsate.

Here's a little look at it from last week, with 'Today' on Radio 4 starting the morning in a daring stylee. You can see Blog BS5 on the laptop!

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