Sunday, 5 July 2009

DLL files.

This morning having been woken by pissheads at 5 a.m (for the second day of the weekend), I just went with it, sacrificed a lie in and got up.

I listened to quite an entertaining Radio 4 show about Gloucester old spot pigs and read a very spoddy article indeed about SVChost running dll files instead of executables. I had wanted to know why it had such a heavy CPU usage on my machine so I got my Spod hat on and read all about it. There's ten minutes of my life I can't get back; I am none the wiser really. Still, you can't beat a good spod about.


D'ang said...

‘Sacrificed a lie-in...’

You mean.. you got up at 5am instead of 5.30am?

I see.

BS5 Blogger said...

That's about it dude, yeah!

Anonymous said...

heh heh. this post is hilarious... indeed!

it gets an A+ for geekiness