Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Sock n Roll star.

It's prett rock n' roll here tonight at Blog BS5.

I am away with work but now realise, having put all my socks in the wash at 4am on the day I came away, I left those same socks on the clothes horse drying as I caught a midday train to London.

I am thus laundering on the hoof in my (vast!) room at my usual B&B. I have a view of a small village square and it is sunny and light. Same said socks are now drying for tomorrow on a decent stone window sill in a gentle breeze. I have aced a great room this stay and I can get on to the network here, so that's a bit smart.

Man, I am useless unsupervised but at least I can adapt.


Alaina said...

admitting you have a problem is the first step (pun intended)

Suburbia said...

Perhaps you were a little distracted on Monday morning? Or perhaps the supervision was lacking in some way?

(Long socks all week has got to be a bonus?!)

D'ang said...

An entry about socks. That's why I keep coming back here!

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi all,

Thank you for reading Blog BS5....you know you love it!

D'ang said...

C’mon, chop chop, update. I want the next entry. About spoons. Or ironing a hanky. Or the color green. Or the weight of a bowl of soup. Or an interesting tomato you saw in Sainsbury. Or some washing you did. Or your favorite brand of car polish. Or a good road sign you saw. Or an interesting cloud. I need that shot of blogging adrenaline!