Tuesday, 30 June 2009

BS..CI 5

I have had a very smart evening indeed.

I am not staying away overnight with work, and I have been on my Jack here in BS5 after a sound day of work.

Now don' t get me wrong, staying away is normally okay, and being home in (recent) company is always delightful but tonight it was just me and random, mundane stuff done at my own pace.

I'd had a good day in Weymouth but a stifling train back that pootled along like an old sloth with no pressure for getting anywhere.

Dinner was simple and easy, and chores undertaken were satisfying and pleasurable and left my house just fine and how I like it. I also loafed on the sofa and caught a RIGHT smart episode of The Professionals, a show I have not really indulged in since starting my new job 3 months and 1 day ago.

I love that show, it is outrageously sexist (unlike me) and the Rozzers (well, CI5) bend the rules to get the job done. It's that early eighties sexism (hanging on from the seventies) with the new possibilities of Mrs Thatcher; I am not one for that sort of Guardian-esque analysis and old bollocks and horse that they constantly peddle in G2, but Bodie and Doyle epitomise a fine mix of all those things with a bit of cheeky banter lobbed in as well as the odd leggy/busty blonde, and a WW2 outlook from Cowley!

I could be a player in CI5: Bodie, Doyle and BS5.......you know it makes sense.

And of course, Doyle was on Desert Island Discs last Sunday!


Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

oh gosh l missed it, repeated friday l think...thanks for the heads up....
home alone is good in small doses..

Suburbia said...

There's a bit in para 6 that made me laugh, can't think what!

(What sort of mundane stuff did you undertake tonight? Did you sort your shirts into colour order or something?!)