Friday, 31 July 2009



I purchased the Lewis Collins 1982 classic 'Who Dares Wins' from Amazon in the week. I came home today to excitedly put it in the DVD, the laptop and and the Playstation but it won't play.

I suspect I have no redress whatsoever: curse the seller with his high rating for pre-owned goods.



Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

will it not play at all...or is it just this one disk..
lve had to download VLC player and now at last everything plays...may be that would help Doyle..or is it Bodie..

D'ang said...

Send it back, fella. If the seller does not want to refund your money you can complain to Amazon.

And why are you buying DVDs anyhow? What's wrong with Bittorrent?

Maybe it just doesn't play because the powers that be have nobbled it, knowing how dangerous the methods shown in the film would be in your hands.

BS5 Blogger said...

D'ang, that's a good point and maybe it won't play because they know I'd know it was all acting?

Saz - it's Bodie, Doyle (Ray Doyle) being Martin Shaw who currently does that Inspector George Gently thingy!

walsharoo... said...

Is it VHS?