Monday, 27 July 2009

Cycle path warriors...

Overnight I hosted my brother and a pal of his, and it was great fun!

Between them and a third pal who is hopping over from America to join in, they are cycling from Land's End to John O'Groats in September.

My brtoher put in 120kms yesterday and ended up at mine for 5pm with Carl arriving from Wales shortly after. We had beers, chat and a beef curry that I had made from scratch (it seemed to go down well) and the two lads dried out from the rain.

The two of them set off again today, heading back to Buckinghamshire in the intermittent showers of a July Monday morning.

I am 'WFH' today after being away from home last Sunday to Friday night. I am writing up a presentation on logistics and deliveries for store managers.

Here's a picture of Greg prepping for the off a couple of hours ago (he's the dude in green, not the fella on a balcony) .

No other drama to report...

Oh, actually today is the day the SAS stormed the Iranian Embassy back in 1980, and although I was only 8, I was there (obviosuly) in an advisory capacity.


D'ang said...

Has he set up a blog for the cycle trip yet?

I know you may be reluctant to give out the address if so, as he might start blogging about good bits of road he cycled on, or his favorite bump of the day. Or maybe a particularly notable cow-shaped cow he saw in a field.

But still, he is your bro’ an’ all, so you should be willing to put up with some competition in the cut-and-thrust world of your blogging acuity.

BS5 Blogger said...

I think he has. Tour de Farce or Three Men in A Crisis to follow...