Friday, 3 July 2009

Models (spaceships, trains and blondes)

Yesterday I had a useful and very hot day visiting a store I support near Exeter. It was a productive day and I felt tall and confident and indeed competent in my work. I had a suit back from the dry cleaners that I had not worn for about a year and it always makes me feel tall and well dressed! It's a blinder from Austin Reed.

The train journey home was surreal to say the least. I came home on a fast Edinburgh train and it was air conned and pretty empty! I bagged a table seat and sat to do a little work and make a few calls. As I looked up, a woman at the table opposite beamed in my direction; I looked over my shoulder assuming she had seen a friend but she definitely appeared to beam at me so I smiled back and said an awkward, Victorian 'good afternoon' (I managed not to say 'madam'). I then retired behind my newspaper and read about Buzz Aldrin and spaceships (smart!) but each time I peered past it, she threw smiles my way! She was pretty stunning, very well spoken and aged in her twenties I think, and I think she was slightly teasing me, but in a risque sort of a fashion, not unkindly. Anyhow, I nodded goodbye as I disembarked and smiles aplenty occured. Odd but quite fun.

Now then, here's much more of an expectation for Blog BS5! In the afternoon back at home the heat finally broke and for about twenty minutes it hammered it down with rain and unleashed angry thunder all over BS5. Now I am sure my brother in the far east has much more spectacular rain storms but this one put the street awash with rain in about three minutes flat. It was smart to sit in the doorway and be a dry observer...



Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

so the woman was Heidi yeah?? on a train from exeter and 7 months pregnant... bless!!

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi lovely, I had never heard of Heidi and just googled 'blonde super model'for a picture - did not know she was Cheggers therefore! Anyhow, train woman did look like the woman here;. Hee hee.

D'ang said...

Indeed I did not know who she was either, but Dandelion just told me 'Heidi Klum at Richard's blog.'

She'm a smart c-word, that Dandelion.