Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Phone a friend.

I have had a happy and productive day today and it has seen many things for which I am thankful.

I was actually proactive beyond work today. I try to be proactive at work but sometimes fail to be so when I get home again.

Anyhow today I did just that and extricated myself from my expired mobile phone contract with Orange. The firm I work for operates a staff scheme wherby one can receive 30% off contracts with O2 , so I am going to avail myself of that and take on a 16 gig I Phone 3Gs (whatever that means). This should all happen in the next ten days and I can get some shiny new kit and all the rather Guardian reading tendencies that might be bundled with it for free (though I will not ditch collar and tie, nor will I start to drink ridiculous coffees) .

I also had encounters with two friends from school today - one over lunch and a physical reality (Radders) and the other virtually and via a new thread started on Facebook a day or two back (thank you Neil 'Beanie' Broadstock; great to chat with you this week and renew dialogue and memories between BS5 and Phoenix, Arizona - US of A) .

Here's to I Phones, school pals, the working day and upcomng thoughts of Scotland (upon which more tomorrow) .


Suburbia said...

'Guardian reading tendencies'? Can I suggest they may no longer be just tendencies............

(Hee hee!)

BS5 Blogger said...



Suburbia said...

You'll be making cake next!

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous.

PS... my word verification was raptura... that's pretty awesome.