Monday, 11 August 2008

Shoes, a long day and a letter.

A pleasant neighbourly act this evening; the chap next door and I happened to meet on our doorsteps and he sheepishly asked if I could retrieve his 2yr old son's shoe from my garden, said little chap having lobbed it over the fence earlier. Walsharoo did that with my shoe on a very happy occasion at a pissed up afternoon at an earlier house in Bristol. He was older than 2 though.

Anyhow, I retrieved the shoe but nearly, nearly kept back the super bouncy Sponge Bob Square Pants power ball because it looked a right bit of fun. Neighbourly good sense took over and I returned both ball and shoe. Also told my neighbour that he could put rubbish sacks in my bin because I never fill mine between the two week collections but with a wife and 3 children his bin always seems full; he was hugely grateful for that, and that is the pleasure of a simple neighbourly act.

As you may have gleaned from an earlier post (I think!) I rose at 3.15 this morning and just stayed up. It has been a long day but in the absence of work, not a particularly active or knackering one (had lunch with my Ma though, and that was a pleasant surprise). I am about 18 hours in and bed approaches. Well, maybe one more glass of wine first.

Took the nice relaxed time to hand write a letter to Co. Galway this evening and I am looking forward to posting that tomorrow and seeing what happens. It would be something if it was read as pictured!

No further instances of the incident encountered at the weekend BBQ.

BS5 signing out...


Suburbia said...

Why up so early? Have I missed something?
That is a beautiful picture, how lovely to enjoy a letter with nothing more to do but 'drape' yourself!

BS5 Blogger said...

Hello! I had taken an early Sunday night and after my usual hours of kip just woke up and stayed up. You didn't really miss anything.

Scooting over to yours now to see if you are there!