Monday, 4 August 2008


So here I am into my first morning of being an unemployed bum! I woke at a quarter to six and listened to much of the Today programme whilst not having to dress, shave, iron a shirt, bathe, polish shoes or anything like that! I applied for a small hatful of jobs, one temp' and some others of a more permanent nature. I also had my Barnet seen to at 9.00 am as I feel it is important not to let standards slip.

I have also burned to CD 'The Weird Revolution' a top-smart album by The Butthole Surfers. Not that I am driving to work anymore when I can listen to it, of course.

I may push the max' and do some housework.


scargosun said...

So how does it feel? Oh and why did you wake at such an ungodly hour?

BS5 Blogger said...


Feels a little strange and just got up at that time out of habit, I think! That is my usual wake up time.

Anonymous said...

Going looney yet?

Lummox said...

You never mentioned dropping down the Nelson for an afternoon pint.

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Dude! Trevor will be joining me too as he just got told he is to be made rednundant early next year. Just Hopesoid and Stapes left for the Barb!