Sunday, 24 August 2008

A Friday wedding

I went to a wedding in Wales on Friday and it was a very pleasant do altogether! It took place in a small village near Usk and the couple's house was right next to the church. My bro' was best man and spoke without notes and delivered an articulate, classy speech that hit the spot and had its own momentum and freedom. He was cool.

I sat at a table with a couple of people from school (very rarely do I encounter anyone I went to school with - that was cool), the Rev' and a finance director who was a chatty lass. I enjoy the exploratory chat of a wedding lunch - it's all by the numbers and entertaining.

Here's some pics - groom and best man, the happy couple, and one of me looking tall and grey with my folks! I meant to put bride and groom first but couldn't recall how to order the pix)


Insane Mama said...

I love the background, so beautiful with the old buildings and lush greenery

Suburbia said...

Just drag and drop them (the pic's that is!)

Lokks a pretty wedding.
How's your day been?