Sunday, 3 August 2008


A broadside my way this morning by way of an anonymous comment on a post about leaving work! I suppose I always knew one or two folks from work would read all this, and that along the way people would disagree, take offence or think 'tosser!'

Anyhow, on we go somewhat chided, I think.


walsharoo... said... least they took the time out of their mood, to write you a very acurate little poem.

I quite liked it.

They could have got 'gangly twat' in there though.

Onward and upward!

Anonymous said...

Bowls, I didn't think it was that scathing - they obviously read it every day. I agree with Walsharoo thatit was accurate and you should be more discreet about who you give your blog site address to.

I've got a vacancy coming up at work .... 2nd in command of collecting shopping trollies ... interested? We're advertising the role as "looking to broaden your horizons" ... "exceptional planning and organising skills required" etc All your favourite HR jargon!

Where's my bike recommendation?


scargosun said...

If you saw the drama going on in some blogs you'd think yours was child's play. Trust me. :) It does rather sting when your first read a nasty comment though doesn't it?