Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Hackers, IT and Pharmacy.

Wow, 11 folks seem to have been busted in America for hacking into wireless networks, planting sniffers and just sitting back capturing the credit card records of 40 million Septics! That's a bit scary. I heard a dude on the radio at 7.00 am who said the wireless networks were a good thing because people like to have a coffee and a surf (too right) but it was the numpties who didn't secure the networks who were at fault. I bet the IT spods at Starbucks in America are bricking it today and quickly blaming the new guy who only joined last month. The poor fecker.

If this is 11 people they have caught with 40m records, logic says there must be more they have not caught, and it's probably going on all over Europe and Asia too. Oops!

Other news: I am visiting my folks this week and their next door neighbour (a top woman just a shade older than me) wants to set me up on a date with a 30-something attractive pharmacist who works in the same store as she does. This might require a sneaky visit (in between job apps and interview prep') to check things out!


scargosun said...

Ah so much espionage and possible love interest in this post. Like a Bourne novel :)

BS5 Blogger said...

Cool - I could be Jason Bourne or David Webb!


Anonymous said...

Intrigue... on both levels... I'm captivated!

walsharoo... said...

Wasn't Joey Deacon a secret agent?

BS5 Blogger said...

'Tis true; that battery powered cart could do 80 mph and had international numberplates that could switch over at the border of a country.