Saturday, 2 August 2008

BS5 has left the building!

Well now, my last day at work was an enjoyable one. I worked like a mofo' from about 8.00 until lunchtime and then put the clutch in without any great secrecy. All stuff taken care off to ensure the fact that nobody looking after it does not mean failure. A hatful of cards and well wishing emails, and one chap who I respect suggested that 'there's a lot of dead wood they could have got rid off before you, young man' ; I liked that.

Several beers at lunch (all generously 'in')and a thoughtful sack of gifts including rather a lot of wine. Ideal!

And on we go!


Anonymous said...

Oh Richard we'll miss you
Your blogs such a laugh
With yout whimsical pisstake
Of lots of us staff

About HR in general you weren't at all raving
Branding them all wankers seemed particularly scathing
So maybe yout friend Sheridan can get you a job
No put down comments for her on your blog

3P woman who's got into your thinking
Who you'd like to join for a meal and then take her off drinking
And your boss you describe as a foxy lady
Who lets you drive around in her silver Mercedes

We've all had an insight into your life
Who you'd like for a girlfriend or even a wife
We've met your bro and your cherished ma
How you love going for a drink - just you and your pa

We've learned a lot about ourselves by reading your blogs
About the people at the centres who don't cherish their jobs
What you thought of the person who stole your three pointed star
Which he ripped from the bonnet of your executive car

BS5 man we've learned you sit upon your wall
Guinness in hand - doing your best to look cool
Hoping with the passing ladies you and Bag will be hits
Musing over Sigourney Weavers tits

WE know you don't like messy leads
A good tidy up is what I T needs
Your domestic appliances we've got to meet
We've even seen photos of your Sunday meat

The country you've criss crossed in your large white van
Carrying out your duties as a company man
In your suit you felt treated like a city dude
In your jeans you complained that the staff were rude

But now its over and you are on your way
Maybe we will all meet again some day
We will all keep in touch as you go online
But for now it's good luck from BS49

BS5 Blogger said...

That's me told! Yes, I was scathing about HR, and it was a little bit out of order and rude; tricky I suppose to distinguish between the function per se, and the people, and I am sorry about the comment because that team were consistently civil to me.

I stand by the rest of it though...this is still a Blog just written for the pleasure of perhaps three people (all abroad), and it isn't written for any other purpose than that. You have clearly been an attentive reader albeit an anonymous one, as your summary folds in much of the last eight months' writing. I hope I left work with more positive things in place than when I joined, and if there were some rather distasteful comments along the way then so be it.

walsharoo... said...

Richard you've left
and that is that
next time be careful
not to give your blog address to a sensitive twat...

walsharoo... said...

I'm not sure about everybody else, but I think it's a pretty poor show posting something like that anonymously...but not everyone can have the courage of their convictions and be comfortable enough with their values and opinions to post them for everyone to see. Even knowing there is a risk that some people might not talk to you at work because they a too far up their own arses to understand what this blog is.

If you don't like it, don't read it.


scargosun said...

I agree Walsharoo. Being from the US I am having a hard time telling if this post was mean spirited or not. I guess I need further instruction.

Miss Moneypenny said...

Hello BS5

Apologies for not dropping by of late.

I've read this post a couple of times this evening, and, although it is simply my opinion as it's difficult when you don't know the person/people concerned, the poem doesn't appear to be scathing or malicious, but because of the time invested possibly more of a good natured attempt at wishing you all the best for the future, albeit in a slightly unusual way.

Hope you have a pleasant evening.

Miss M

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Miss M, I thought it was witty and clever but a little icy in intention, which is fair enough! Thanks for your thoughts and for taking the time to read it twice.

Searching said...

Hi BS5,

Great blog - witty as well as bizzare.

I have read August so I hope you find some grandiose form of employment soon and satisfy your carnal lust for the great Kylie - nice arse - Minogue.

As for the poem - it's a funny pisstake cleverly written and drawn from obvious time together with additions from reading your blog.

You obviously were no shrinking violet at your previous job.

As for the angle I think icey or harsh is a bit over the top. Too sensative here me thinks.

It's a sacarstic pisstake of you. So enjoy the fact someone or ones took the time to create a mini masterpiece in celebration of your time together in the real and virtual universes.

On another note I look forward to a blog on small dogs

Searching x

BS5 Blogger said...

Quite right. After a month's reflection, I agree; icy was too harsh a call given that someone had taken the time to compose it, calling in references from 9 months of posts!

What are you searching for?