Monday, 18 August 2008

Monday stuff in good old Bristol

Today has been a strange old day and I have felt out of kilter all day long. Maybe it's the inevitable Monday feeling after a very happy weekend in the company of extended family at a thoroughly enjoyable wedding and then coming back to my house where I live on my Jack (and most happily so, I hasten to add).

A full on weekend and then my own company is certainly a contrast of numbers.

I did nothing towards a temporary or permanent role today and will pick that back up with vigour tomorrow. I did go for a run and that was tops, and I did tidy up the house a bit in places. I also emailed friends to catch up on their weekends, blogged a bit, wrote to a nice woman I met at the wedding, and made a mid week coffee date with a pal just back from two weeks in Chicago. I am about to turn in, in the hope that I will be back on form on Tuesday, feeling more like me!

I am glad to be back in Bristol after one of my favourite weekends for a while.


Suburbia said...

Hey! Don't go to bed yet it's too early and you'll only be up with the lark tomorrow!!

BS5 Blogger said...

Aha, but my sleep clock was all of a shake down over the weekend so a 10.00 -6.00 overnight will do just right!

You sound light and happy today.

Suburbia said...


BS5 Blogger said...


The lark had very clearly gone to work when I rose at a shocking 8.15! Off for a run now.

Suburbia said...

Wow that must have been some weekend then! :)