Thursday, 14 August 2008


This week I have resumed running, an activity I had abandoned way back in February when work seemed to explode into lengthier days. My first turn back around The Netham (nearest green space) wasn't too bad. I was hardly a marathon runner and didn't go a great distance but I have upped it a little each day and my legs feel good and springy. When I get home I have a go at the plank, an exercise good for making one's Abs all trim. I am quite good at this (and used to be the best in our little circuit training group).I don't look like the person on the link! I try press ups too but I am a complete spanner when it comes to those. The plank is very good for you and quick to take effect.

PS: Irony! The Abs link has a rolling Ad' for McDonalds. America!


Suburbia said...

better weather for running today!

Suburbia said...

We've decided to try and get a few wet days in the tent now! back soon.

BS5 Blogger said...

Cool! Seeeya!