Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Kansas and BS5.

Hmm, there's more going on in this large and empty part of Kansas than here in BS5 today.

Is Kansas one of those States with one or two edges that are dead straight? Maybe down in the middle near Texas?

I am posting today because I like to each day, even when zippety-doo-dah is going on.


scargosun said...

Now you are making me feel guilty for neglecting my blogging duties.

BS5 Blogger said...

Oh! Well, Blog about Kansas then; I bet you know someone who lives there!

Suburbia said...

Wasn't that where Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz came from. Something very spooky about that story!

Sorry you are finding life slow:( Try and enjoy the quiet before the storm. Once you're working again you'll be too busy to 'stop and smell the roses'!