Saturday, 23 February 2008

More Mercedes shockers!

Friday was a bit of a smart (larking) day for work! I had an appointment at 9.00 just near Cribbs Causeway; always smart to have stuff going on out of the office. Dropped my mate Steve at work and pottered off to my appointment. On the way I called in again at the Merc' dealership. It was about 8.10 and they really had not got their act together- a crap start to their day. After ten minutes someone asked me if I was okay - I asked them for the price of the mirror for my passenger side (glass only). Some fella told me they had three in and I asked him the cost....FIFTY SEVEN QUID plus VAT! Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarkin' 'ell, Jon! I asked him if it was French antique mirror and he said no. The humourless Jerries!

Anyhow, I took this photo for free - this is the 60 grand CLS Class I had a look at last weekend. I'll go to Halfords for my mirror.

Rest of the day was top - met a very foxy recruitment woman in town, then grabbed breakfast then went back to the office and promptly to the pub for 2 pints of Guinness. Ideal!

To the Rhubarb at the end of the day and went on the Karaoke with Spence. We sang Bohemian Rhapsody - it wasn't pretty.

I have my boss's Merc for a few days (she is in Havana) - same model as my car, maybe I should liberate the mirror?

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