Sunday, 3 February 2008

Good people...

This is a shout out to people who have done small but kind things for me of late, and which I appreciate!

Jack printed out my church reading for me (to be read out in about an hour's time) and posted it through the door. I had neglected to type it out myself at work and asked Jack if he could help me out. I am reading Luke 2: 25-35, including 2:29-32 my fave bit of the whole read.

The pic' for this post is a top smart shot as taken by Jack himself whilst at work. Top crane action!

Also, a thank you to Daphne who lives opposite me. When Steve and I see Daphne we have a childish reaction and shout out 'Dappppppppppppphnoid mind' with happy glee. You really have to be there; it's a Hayward Road thing. Anyhow, Daphne picked up the housing for my wing mirror which somebody had knocked right off my car. I assumed it had been stolen as there was no other damage to the car, and no evidence of broken bits near the car at half six when I went to work on Friday morning. Daphne tucked the mirror housing behind my wall and Steve (Rhubarb landlord) helped me fit it back. I am still puzzled as to how it came off, but good on Daphne for helping me out.

Idle and happy day ahead. I rose early and cleaned my car because it was filthy! Church shortly and a few of us are then off to the Barb for lunch after. May sneak a pint later with the chaps

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